The Dragon Eye Step By Step Workflow Monitoring Process.

Running an online media monitoring business requires a systematic approach to ensure accurate and timely tracking of media content. Here’s a step-by-step workflow process to guide our operations:

Step 1: Onboarding and Needs Assessment

We meet with you to understand your industry, goals, and specific monitoring requirements. We then gather information around your keywords, topics, competitors, and platforms you want to monitor. We then clarify the frequency of monitoring we offer, reporting formats, and communication channels.

Step 2: Keyword and Topic Setup

Based on the information provided we create a comprehensive list of keywords, hashtags, and topics for monitoring. We classify keywords into primary, secondary, and tertiary tiers for effective prioritisation. Ongoing we regularly review and refine keyword lists periodically to adapt to changing trends and your needs.

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Step 3: Selection and Setup

We set up the appropriate media monitoring package based on your needs and budget. This progresses to setting up accounts and configurations in our selected tools and integrating relevant social media platforms, news sources, and blogs.

Step 4: Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring begins across the selected platforms and sources in real-time for relevant mentions, posts, and articles. We use both software and human-editors to review search filters and advanced search operating techniques to ensure accurate results and make sense of what the found data is telling us.

Step 5: Data Collection and Aggregation

Daily we keep a human eye out for emerging trends, crises, and sentiment shifts. We collect and aggregate monitored data into a centralized dashboard. For important / issue-critical captures – and to ensure data accuracy, we cross-reference multiple sources and verify information via a human overview.

Step 6: Data Analysis and Insights Generation

Via your dedicated account editor, we analyse the collected data to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies. This helps us generate actionable insights regarding media coverage, sentiment, and potential impact on your brand or industry.

Using the critical combination of human editor and software, we prepare data visualizations, graphs, and charts to facilitate easy understanding.

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Step 7: Reporting and Communication

We generate regular reports as per your preferred frequency – daily, weekly or monthly. We include comprehensive media coverage summaries, sentiment analysis, competitive insights, and actionable recommendations.

A spoken work video guide to our reports are sent to you to explain and summarise what we have captured.

Step 8: Event Monitoring

For specific news events like an official press releases going out or the launch of a marketing campaign, we monitor these ‘special events’ by increasing the tracking & reporting time per day for an agreed timeframe.

For crises events, the same process is applied with a stronger focus on negative sentiments that could impact your product or brands reputation. We immediately escalate any crisis situation to you and provide recommendations for response strategies. We also are happy to collaborate with your PR/ Comms team to manage and mitigate the crisis effectively.

Step 9: Performance Review and Optimisation

Periodically, we review the effectiveness of our collective monitoring efforts with you. We discuss areas of keyword improvement, feedback channels and potential adjustments to monitoring strategies. We consistenly optimize keyword lists, data sources, and monitoring tools based on performance insights.

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