Entire Chinese Internet monitoring and insight into public opinion

The entire data network is 250 million+/day, we have hundreds of billions of data stock, enabling monitoring of the entire Chinese network. We can collect multiple types of content, including forum posts, social media post, website comments, and press release.
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Real Time Monitoring

By setting keywords, real-time monitoring of public opinion across the entire network, including text, images, and videos.
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Based on user-predefined alert conditions, intelligently identify public opinion information, and promptly notify users through multiple channels of information that meets the criteria, facilitating timely awareness.

Supported a professional manual alert team, accurately screening and pushing information, effectively preventing omissions.


Four categories of big data analysis meet the diverse analysis needs of education and enterprise clients.

Report analysis
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We offer regular subscription report services and expertly customized reports by a professional team. This multi-tiered approach offers comprehensive support for public opinion analysis at various levels.

  • Subscription Report Service: Tailored for government and enterprise organizations, providing subscription reports at different frequencies – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly – to meet regular reporting needs.

  • Customized Reports by Experts: Equipped with a team of experts across various domains, the platform precisely understands customer requirements, offering integrated reports customized for “Industry + Product + Service + Solution.”

  • Public Opinion Case Library: Built-in industry-specific public opinion case library, serving as a reference for public opinion response and aiding users in better understanding and addressing similar situations.

Key Features

Are you currently active in or looking to enter the expansive and dynamic Chinese market? Nothing beats the gathering of real-world insights, data and market sentiment via our combined human and software-driven monitoring service. Key features include…

Brand Mentions & Public Perception

Track your brand mentions across WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book & many more. Get up-to-date insights on public sentiment & engagement.

Competitive Intelligence

Keep tabs on what your customer's wants & needs are & track your competitors by analysing their online strategies, messaging & product launches.

Brand Reputation Issues

Receive alerts on potential brand reputation issues & communication crises & track rising negative sentiments within your market space.

Monitor Live Campaigns

Gauge the success of live or recently completed marketing campaigns, promotional content & other comms initiatives.

Scan Industry News & Trends

Keep on top of the latest news, reports & key influencer conversations related to your industry or sector across China.

Find Key Online Influencers

Find & track these Key Online Leaders & build your own database of influencers to help generate impactful campaigns for brands and organisations.

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